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Empire's edge

Empire offers a powerful combination of monetization opportunities and audience exposure.

Empire leverage monetization opportunities from single gym apps and audience exposure from social media apps to create an unparalleled experience for content creators in the fitness industry.
Premium content

Create premium fitness content

Create quality workout programs and inspire your followers to live a more healthy lifestyle through your content.

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Audience exposure

Attract new audience through your content in a public space

Use the public space to target and attract new audience and grow your following.

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Monetization Opportunities

Monetize your exclusive content in a private space

Earn money doing what you love through audience subscriptions.

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Early Bird Program

Empire's early bird program is an early access program where we onboard an exclusive set of gyms, personal trainers and fitness influencers into the platform before the public launch. Early birds receive cost-effective benefits and have the opportunity to build their brand to get early exposure.

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